2014 Conducted Workshops:

1. To Be Retired As a Snowbird

2. Tax Management for Real Estate Development

3. Canadians Filing U.S. Tax Return

4. Canadians Invest In U.S. Real Estate

5. U.S. Persons Live in Canada

6. Canadian Tax Return Filing for Students

7. Tax Planning for Retirement



To enrich clients' wealth and quality of life by providing outstanding services of cross-border taxation among Canada, U.S. and China.





Tax planning is essential to cross-border taxation. Good planning can easily save taxpayer a considerable amount of tax; lack of planning can undoubtedly result in painful extra tax burden. This is because each country's tax system is complicated and the differences between them are significant. Fortunately, tax treaty can provide certain relieves. Accordingly, our services always integrate tax compliance with planning to identify and utilize tax saving opportunities.